One Last Time

Andy Zhang A teenage girl rests alone in her Virginia dormitory, protected from the bullets of snow outside. Her skin, dirtied brown with constant slander, sinks heavily in bed against white linen, an innocently final resting place. Four beige walls enclose her. It’s a coffin plastered with the dead American iconography she once so fervently […]

When Winter Gets Within

A winter blanket Snowfall begins With warmth leaving The morning sun rises And what remains, melts away. Slow, repetitive and monotonous the days go by the passion lingers further away and out of existence. What vulgar existence am I leading in this winter of life? A ray of light suddenly dyes the sky red as […]


“Smile. You have to smile.” But I want to cry my heart out. “You’re fine. Don’t tell them.” But I feel like I will go insane. “They barely put up with you.” But I want to be me. “Don’t talk. You barely even think.” But my thoughts are wild. “Don’t.” But…


She rips me to shreds when I can’t escape my bed, holds my hands and shouts “Get up!” Because I can’t miss “this”… And “this?” Something I will never know when she drops her grip on my hands, attaching instead to my lungs and heart. My ribcage feels like it could burst if I even […]


“You’ve changed.” His words hung heavy in the air as she lifted her head and held his gaze; dark eyes glazed with sadness and a cynical smile adorning her make-up smudged face. Her raven hair flowed in waves around her petite body as she swayed slightly on her feet; vodka coursed through her veins. An […]


She inhabits an empty, barren world, filled with vibrant greens which ripple into rust and violet and corn and maroon, and bright sunshine that reflects starlight on the wrinkling water, the cosmos captured in a wave, a star caught in a droplet. The daffodils on the bank, swaying in the breeze flowing down from the […]

“Today’s Special Exhibit: A Writer”

I realise, sitting in the library, I am an anomaly. The others come and collect their coffee and leave to complete their “proper work.” They see me sat alone, scribbling, my tea growing cold – forgotten. Writing means I no longer scald my throat by drinking boiling liquids, I am accustomed now to the taste […]


I’m left in pieces Left with a massive hole inside That used to be filled with hope, love and ambition. I guess all that is left now is emptiness Emptiness that engulfs my soul That immerses any sign of light in my eyes. The wall that I have built so far is being Attacked from […]

My old friend

“Hello darkness, my old friend” It’s nice to be together again To feel the safeness you’ve once given me To feel my soulstar healing I have many stories to tell But all of one love, once again. A love that made me whole But left me more broken than before. A love that made my […]