‘Why did you do that?’ ‘Emma and Winston lied…I didn’t do it!’ ‘You already said that!’ A police officer suddenly interrupts Olivia’s speech and spits on the ground. ‘In my opinion, she is just a petty poor person who was trying to strike it rich overnight,’ another policeman chimes in. Olivia sits on an old, […]

Drug Trip

She blinked. The world came to life. She slowly turned from left to right, taking in the new sights around her. As she looked ahead, she saw the silhouettes of a railroad and behind it beautiful, soft colours of red, orange and even purple. Her face did not change. She turned slowly and placed one […]


It was Halloween of 86’ that my brother died. We lived and grew up in a small town surrounded by fox tail pines and tall mountains. There was an old coal mine that had been shut down for safety reasons when we were young, causing a lot of families to move out of town, but […]