Choosers of the Slain

We fight! We live! We obey! We die! Dressed to the nines in armour, we breath as our swords gleam with victory. For we have made history as we fought for Asgard’s liberty. We embraced the cold winds as we rode our wing’d beasts to battle, For death is life and should be honoured, as […]

The Day Women Take Over

The day women take over No longer do you have to look over your shoulder Drunk in love, why must I stay sober Phenomenal woman was the word Angelou spoke Not the woman used, abused and nothing more than a few strokes. Stroking away her luscious black hair wiping away her luscious black tears She […]

The Key

Hurting became breathing, the toxic lies led me believing, played with my trust in exchange for temporary lust, every touch, every kiss marked a bruise and I became indistinguishable behind all the abuse.   Enough is enough – say no to the pain,  what is the point if it’s all loss and no gain? Overcome […]

Electrical System

Blood rushes through my pulmonary veins and continues through my heart. My love for you fades as my blood moves up my aorta. Funny. My love for you does not feel potent anymore and I know the real reason now. The heart’s an electrical system, its nodes spreading electricity to make our hearts beat. And […]