You Love Her

You still love her You love her as much as I love you. You loved her as much as no-one else did. You took your heart put it on a plate and served it as a starter to her. It delighted her tastes and she was ready for her next meal. I gave you my […]

The Melody of Life

I have searched for it The melody of life One which would make me tremble Only at the sound of it I’ve searched the world to find it I’ve heard strangers sing beautiful songs On side streets to make one’s day happier I’ve heard singers on stages give their whole To give others a voice, […]


Your lighthouse has been switched off, But not by you, By a stranger, One who once swore to take care of your lighthouse, So you gave him the key, You let him in, You let him stay, But he cluttered the place, He filled it with all things him, He became distracted, And careless, So […]

Give Me a Message

Give me a message … just a message To tell me you are still thinking about me, To tell me you are in the same train with me, a train that is taking us to the same place. Please, mind the gap between love and hurt. This is not Acton Town station anymore, This is ‘’I have been hurt before’’ station. This […]


He was my favourite poem – not the smooth words printed onto a crisp, clean sheet of paper but the messy splotches of ink, words and emotion that painted the flawed surface of the page with an image of iridescent colour under the black and white contrast of ink and paper. While initially slow, I soon […]