A Late March Petal

A Retelling of Oscar Wilde’s The Selfish Giant Hope slicing snow brings back a late March petal and a big, big smile flushed full   in the darkening puddle of Boy’s eyes.  Softness loosens itself among two hearts holding tight, hands folded light.  Boy raises his plump face. He wants that blooming cherry-pink blossom  just there above the […]


Do you feel the growing pains, over and over again, the sheer unhappy feeling that nothing is believable anymore, causing any truth to be pushed aside?

Thug Poetry

I press the lift button awaiting the passage gates to open hoping the stench of urine won’t poke in As the gates close in I breath in and visualise for a moment what the day might bring – or really, what Iʼm hoping the day might not bring: A new patient, stab wounds and broken, dressed in […]

Waiting Room

I sat motionlessly in the dark, grubby, dim, and lifeless room, gently tracing the rim of her emerald ring. The shine that it once gave off was no more; it portrayed nothing of the memory that I had of it. The sound was blurred and somehow seemed to have slowed down, and the only thing […]

Civil Conduct Keepers

Jake woke to the sound of screaming and instantly he knew. The CCK had taken yet another victim. He was curious yet hesitant to see what the commotion was about. He knew better. Slowly, he crept to the front door and looked through the peep hole. Nothing. He pulled the door handle as slowly as […]