Poison me to find your antidote,Poison me to find the parts of yourself That you broke inside of meWhen you taught me to heal by hurting.Silk words slung by an executioner,A throat roped with pearls, Glistening like wet pimple,Sharper than the blade that cut it,Sharper than the men who slit my lips. Into a Barbie […]

An Omen

Womanhood sits in my mouth, rotten.Boys feel around, hands like cups,Suctioning, fish-like, leaving half-moonBite marks and blushes that vein outTo hearts that do not know how to heal.They wonder why my response comesFlatlined, I guess I can’t reply whengirls have to die before they come to life.

Choosers of the Slain

We fight! We live! We obey! We die! Dressed to the nines in armour, we breath as our swords gleam with victory. For we have made history as we fought for Asgard’s liberty. We embraced the cold winds as we rode our wing’d beasts to battle, For death is life and should be honoured, as […]

Gaia’s Love

When I am broken she appears with darkness to envelop my soul, to fill it with warmth. And when my body rots, my soul strengthens. I have come home, in her hands, in her love.

The Renegades

“Have you got the package?” With a curt nod, I glance over my shoulders and slip a brown package out of the inside pocket of my jacket, taking care not to rip the cheap, paper wrapping. The faint sound of car horns and traffic come from the entrance to the dingy alleyway but my focus […]