Poison me to find your antidote,Poison me to find the parts of yourself That you broke inside of meWhen you taught me to heal by hurting.Silk words slung by an executioner,A throat roped with pearls, Glistening like wet pimple,Sharper than the blade that cut it,Sharper than the men who slit my lips. Into a Barbie […]

Masha Allah is not a cat call*

**TRIGGER WARNING**Mentions of sexual assault, abuse and FGM in this spoken word.  Masha Allah is not a cat call, I don’t take it as a compliment As you whistle at me as I walk by you in the street, do you not feel any embarrassment?Because I do,My skin gets hot and frustration begins to reside inside […]

Girls Will Be Girls

How dare you? hangs from my trembling lips whilst you ask Why do you get so angry when boys see you in your underwear, but not in a swimming suit? I want to have the power for once – The power of choosing when you get to see me almost naked The power of feeling […]

The Allied Lady

Chapter 1 12 May 1940, Cologne “Why can’t you understand, Gertraud?” Max started raising his voice. “It is too late my love.” He pulled out the dark wooden chair and sat down. His head sank into his hands as if he had lost a bet in a horse race. A big bet. Gertraud was leaning […]

Poems from her Moon Cycles collection

Cave Fingers swirling like water to a sinkhole Halima touches the swell, Whirlpools darkening at her navel, She waits As her husband Takes his fill, Syruping her fever, Roping her hair into necklaces, knuckled glass, chuckling, a phantom pain packing insanity and laughter and windows clear enough to look through.        Pause that […]

Warrior Woman

She stood before her country’s enemies Showing no mercy on her face Hiding under a man’s appearance As all thought she would bring just disgrace She was told to wait quietly To be one of the other housewives Because it’s a man’s responsibility To protect the weaker lives Trained hard with men to be strong […]