Soldier’s Lion

Well, first of all, he wasn’t a soldier. When he got to that age when boys in cities decide how their friends should address them, he chose ‘Soldier’ or (‘Soulj’ for short). Second of all, she wasn’t a lion. She was a beautiful, ginger mixed breed dog with an upturned nose and a crooked smile. […]

Thug Poetry

I press the lift button awaiting the passage gates to open hoping the stench of urine won’t poke in As the gates close in I breath in and visualise for a moment what the day might bring – or really, what Iʼm hoping the day might not bring: A new patient, stab wounds and broken, dressed in […]

A Black Mother’s Love

A black mother’s love is sculpted by the fixed deck of cards she was dealt as a person of colour – misused and hardly understood Yet she kept fighting with knives in her back chains on her wrists poison down her throat. For her children, she hoped would never experience the trials and tribulations that […]

We Must To Talk

(inspired by Lorna Goodison’s ‘The Woman Speaks to the Man Who Employs her Son’) Dear Sah, In case you did not know, I am the woman who gave birth to your employee Collin Davis and I think we need to talk… We need to talk about how proud I was as a single mother, before […]

The Renegades

“Have you got the package?” With a curt nod, I glance over my shoulders and slip a brown package out of the inside pocket of my jacket, taking care not to rip the cheap, paper wrapping. The faint sound of car horns and traffic come from the entrance to the dingy alleyway but my focus […]