Listening Prayers*

Her face – strange. We have not crossed paths before. Her speech – uncertain. She coughs and then sighs. Verses, tremble from her lips in harmony to a jagged train track. She is close to giving up, but cannot give up. How little she knows of faith. For this attempt, will be her eighth. “Sarah, […]

La Douleur Exquise

(Translation from French: Excruciating pain of wanting someone you can’t have) They asked me what I worshipped – I screamed your name. They grabbed me by my hair, shattered my wrists and ankles, and they bound me to a chair. They asked me who I worshipped – I said your name. Knives and matches pressed […]


Lord, I fear something I shouldn’t. I feel your coming back will render All my hard work useless, not knowing That praying to you is part of the Hard work, which will bring us closer And write my name in the book of life. I don’t know what I want. I’m unsure – I’m a […]

God Bless You

I myself, my dears, have generally found that to resist the devil is not difficult if I am certain that the creature before me is the devil, but it does tax my wits sometimes to find out if he is really the enemy or not. (William Hale White) “That was a bad thing you said, […]