7.56 AM, Ted shouldn’t be going back to work so soon after Adele’s death. A cyclopean headlight swung round the bend.  No one on the platform looked up. ‘There’s only ever one person on it,’ she’d said, pointing at the red tube. Inside sat a distressed man. ‘7.56, every morning…Never stops.’ That was yesterday.  Grief […]

Immortality makes it hard

Immortality makes it difficult to put together a proper funeral ensemble. My dead wife’s long-lived guests had the option of black casual or black formal this morning. Some went jumper, some went cocktail dress. This stew of styles mixes about on this ambrosia-hued, sunshiney cliff’s edge. A funeral’s stereotypical stormy weather, like deaths and funerals, […]

Brother in Law

A few months after assembling a collage of 64 years that danced the joys of her life on powerpoint, he got in the car with her family, just like at past Christmases, christenings, and funerals – but the beat was different. He sat alone in the backseat. The saguaro cactus waved goodbye as the desert […]