Haunt This House

Memories talk to us behind mirrors,A wrinkle by the eye, floorboards creaking. Another breath, nostalgia.Two seconds move forward like a train track with no end, A train wreck with no fence to hold its home. We smile because we have to. Tongue touching teeth,Gum stuck like leavesThat wish they were trees. It only makes sense […]

This is Me

Little toy trains, no more My Rolls Royce play time, no more Gazing at stars and systems. Dreaming, no more Confined. Obtained. Chained. Freezing metallic bars burning my skin so tight. Binding what was my future so bright. To be free and fly. To be young and and play. Again and again – What can […]

Excerpts from a Book*

A friend mentioned ‘Can you believe Ramadan is in 3 months?’ Your heart sinks to the bottom of the sea remembering what you’ve been doing for the past 3 months. You are a woman of God, undeniably, the way you care for others. But you remember the guilt from last Ramadan when you were standing […]

The Marathon of Life: Lessons to be Learnt*

As pressure from the responsibilities around you begins to take its toll, you come to see that life essentially takes the form of a relentless marathon. An engineered atmosphere of competition that drains you. You run and run. And just when you think you’ve reached the chequered line, you’re told you have another round to […]

Destiny and Drive go hand in hand*

And off he goes – in a flash! A man with a cold, senseless face suited head to toe with a firm grasp on his suitcase, making him appear empowered as he storms past the city streets. And here she is – a young woman asking strangers to take pictures of her as she poses […]

A Perfect, Pale Blue*

My mother once told me that hearts open only when broken, And that truest courage is born from a coward’s battle cry. I did not recognise blood when my father’s lips ran like war, all Because my mother spoke in stuttering pinks and lullaby blues. Now these walls pray at night with their palms bent […]