Upon Reflection in the Abyss

The fire, the flames, the pain, the crying, the gnashing of teeth. Or the happiness, the joy, the laughter and the peace. Which side will be my destiny? Imagine you are in a huge room confined to four intimidating walls that stare at you, with nothing, I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, apart from light. Well folks, […]

Stop the War in Vietnam

I feel as though I have woken up running; I feel as though I was born running. But I don’t want to do it anymore; I want to stop, to turn around and to fight! *** My father used to say, “Yen, your name means peace, so you must bring peace wherever you go. You […]

The Injudicious Game

What choice can one have when one has no knowledge of the causes of it; no imagination for grotesque human cruelty; no recourse to justice in one’s lifetime? For the Igbos of South-eastern Nigeria war meant no choice. It was short, sharp and very nasty. It hit like a grenade, detonating everything, ha n’oge gara […]