The Newspaper

Lillian Xie She always checked the newspaper when she got up, wondering what was going on in the world. She was a lady who always wore a pair of glasses with big flowers, as if living in the 18th century, unwilling to surrender to technology. Living alone, the newspaper was the only entertainment she had […]

Behind the Door

I killed my family but it has taken me 12 years to realise this. The large wooden door at the end of the garden stood against the wall. Chipped-wood poked out from the door like hedgehog spikes. The blue paint seemed to have faded over the years. Don’t go behind the door they said, ignore […]

The Thumping Sound

I can’t remember when it started, but I know that it wasn’t always there. At first, I thought it was the neighbours with their loud music, but every time I placed my ear against the walls, I could only hear their soft voices. No thumping. No music. I began to wonder if the sounds were […]

The People Who Go Missing

The autumn sun shone brightly while the pavement was decorated with warm yellow and brown leaves. The trees were bare apart from the small amount of leaves that still clung on to the skinny branches. The trees lined the edge of the pavement, separating the tree from the road. The road was quiet and isolated […]

The Wrath of Spiders

Some say that spider revenge is real. My aunt killed a spider that hung above her head on the wall, killed it in cold blood. The next day, a spider bigger and harrier than the one before stood beside her on the sofa, watching and waiting for the right moment. I have killed many spiders […]

The Innocent Bunny

My grandmother was the crazy person in the family, always thinking that someone was out to get her. While she was in the nursing home she began to claim there were ‘monsters’ outside her window, under her bed and in the closet. She had some days of normalcy where she would sit in her arm […]