Guns and Roses*

Guns and roses What’s the difference? One is adrenaline The other a dose Both perform the same function Topping giants and dwarfs alike Making them drink or write Be it a bullet from the metal Or a petal From the rose Each provides an end One being quick and easy The other long and wheezy

Before it Hit: A Screenplay

FADE IN: EXT. FRONT OF THE HOUSE – EARLY MORNING. The village sits at the base of a mountain. There are 40 odd houses in the village and one dirt road that leads into its centre where there sits a communal fountain. The sounds of the fountain’s running water, and a wind chime on the […]

What are Robots?

They’re told what to do How to do it and when. Sounds familiar. What are robots? They wait for the next command. They are controlled. Sound familiar? Of course it does. Who are robts? Us.