The Jester

The Jester dances in fine clothes; he prances performing without desire King and Queen gaze on unamused by the Jester’s song. He is a ghost to all. The royal court laugh and clap while the Jester feels trapped amongst a large crowd he stands Pulling funny faces people’s mocking he embraces a never ending cycle. […]

This is Me

Little toy trains, no more My Rolls Royce play time, no more Gazing at stars and systems. Dreaming, no more Confined. Obtained. Chained. Freezing metallic bars burning my skin so tight. Binding what was my future so bright. To be free and fly. To be young and and play. Again and again – What can […]


Always stuck in others’ perceptions, in others’ norms. Perhaps about how I should be, what I should look like. It is a big world, with so many – so many of the same but different, and I’m always stuck in the wave of trying to prove how different I am. Am I though? Am I so […]


You say lead and people say follow. Everything you do, speak and wear will be accounted for that moment, any moment, despite the saying “Only God and nobody else can judge you” because society has constructed an ideology, a fixed norm from which you cannot deter. Social stigma attached to everything, insulting me about my […]