The Immortal Wanderer

THE IMMORTAL WANDERER Baransel Kutlu 1 Prologue. Birth and rebirth He was born in the middle of winter. His mother was only sixteen when she had him, alone in the cold comfort of an abandoned stone hut, lit only by white moonlight pouring in through the window. He entered the world with a feint cry. […]

The Immortal Sun

Everlasting darkness envelopes but she is immortal. Behind the darkness she throws flames of love and nurture that burn bright. When darkness falters she shines. The sun rises as a canopy of golden light breaks through. Darkness surrenders because the goddess of the sun shines bright when dawn comes.

Immortality makes it hard

Immortality makes it difficult to put together a proper funeral ensemble. My dead wife’s long-lived guests had the option of black casual or black formal this morning. Some went jumper, some went cocktail dress. This stew of styles mixes about on this ambrosia-hued, sunshiney cliff’s edge. A funeral’s stereotypical stormy weather, like deaths and funerals, […]