You might ask me what peace looks like. Peace looks like the scent of empty noise; is the colour of midnight’s rainbow; sounds like time that is neither ante or post meridiem; is seasoned without utterance yet dances on the pulse of my thoughts lapping on the waves of the morning’s edge. Peace moves me […]


Safe What is that word? I hear it all the time, but I never feel it in this life of hate and aggression. I’m feeling this hate and aggression and I can’t help it but I care about what people think of me because at the end of the day it’s people I need to […]

Marchon Chemical Plant – A Success Story*

GREENPEACE SAVES WHITEHAVEN! Screams the headline of The Times, A bombardment of chemical waste And disaster and despair and destruction From the chemical factory looming over the town. Flashing warning lights illuminate: “Rocks as sterile as the moon!” “Acid rain strips paint off cars!” Finally, there is hope for the town. These cars are now […]