One Last Time

Andy Zhang A teenage girl rests alone in her Virginia dormitory, protected from the bullets of snow outside. Her skin, dirtied brown with constant slander, sinks heavily in bed against white linen, an innocently final resting place. Four beige walls enclose her. It’s a coffin plastered with the dead American iconography she once so fervently […]

The Jester

The Jester dances in fine clothes; he prances performing without desire King and Queen gaze on unamused by the Jester’s song. He is a ghost to all. The royal court laugh and clap while the Jester feels trapped amongst a large crowd he stands Pulling funny faces people’s mocking he embraces a never ending cycle. […]

The Girl in the Glass Box

Trapped in an invisible cage, I am not a mime for you to watch. I am only free and happy when it suits you when my mouth is sealed together making it the perfect pair of lips to kiss. I paint a smile on my face every morning before you wake up because I know […]

I’ve grown from the past

I’ve grown from the past So every time I look into the glass I see myself, funny how when I need Help I’ve got none but myself. Love my girl to the point where I’d risk my health But it’s ok – I never stood a chance Dance with the devil and I never should’ve […]

The Guy who Files Paperwork* by Sarah Kiker

No one noticed his absence at first. Quite honestly, there wasn’t even the vague sense of something gone missing. It was like the feeling someone gets where everything seems right in the world right before that someone realises that they’ve left their wallet on the bus that’s probably miles away by now. The whole office […]