An Omen

Womanhood sits in my mouth, rotten. Boys feel around, hands like cups, Suctioning, fish-like, leaving half-moon Bite marks and blushes that vein out To hearts that do not know how to heal. They wonder why my response comes Flatlined, I guess I can’t reply when girls have to die before they come to life.

City of God

Before Roz knew it, she was in the land of Caipirinha’s carnival, mystery and the sultry golden rays of the sun. She had always wanted to see the Christo statue over the city of Rio. Somehow in a very distant corner of her mind, she believed that she had been here before, and she laughed […]

Electrical System

Blood rushes through my pulmonary veins and continues through my heart. My love for you fades as my blood moves up my aorta. Funny. My love for you does not feel potent anymore and I know the real reason now. The heart’s an electrical system, its nodes spreading electricity to make our hearts beat. And […]

Rest in Peace

Such serenity, such calmness In such a morbid place The nature coming to life In places where death is embraced Is a truly interesting irony To see death wrapped in such beauty Charming, mesmerizing Harmless beauty soaked with tears Land soaked with tears Of those creatures who pretend to live Being similar to the place […]

What are Robots?

They’re told what to do How to do it and when. Sounds familiar. What are robots? They wait for the next command. They are controlled. Sound familiar? Of course it does. Who are robts? Us.