A Love Letter 2217 AD

My particulate scrubbers have filtered lethal impurities for centuries amongst a flickering neon skyline, ever-evolving like a graphic equaliser. As you’ve grown, so have I. So, as you decommission me, treat me with the care I have treated you – I am you in a sense – and know that in three years when I’m […]

Fairy Tale Dream

This piece is called ‘fairytale dream’. It was inspired by a photographer named Amy Friend in her series ‘Dare Alla Luce: Bring to the Light,” a collection of vintage photographs, retrieved from a variety of sources both personal and anonymous. Through hand-manipulated interventions, I have altered and subsequently rephotographed the images. I also manipulated her […]

Moses’ Song

Inspired by Sam Selvon’s The Lonely Londoners I’m still grinding on the same roads, tryna dodge the snakes in them plain clothes, I was tryna find my way home, but got lost up on the way bro, This my letter to the colonisers, they took away tradition now we feeling priceless, thinking to myself is […]