Morning Glory

Insanity clips my eyelids back and I watch the ceiling. His sun comes out at night. Speckled eyelids staring too hard at the sun. I go where the wolves tiptoe into the forest. His sun comes to life. I slip, and slide, sitting down. Settling between his covers. Slipping and sliding and sitting down at […]

Poems from her Moon Cycles collection

Cave Fingers swirling like water to a sinkhole Halima touches the swell, Whirlpools darkening at her navel, She waits As her husband Takes his fill, Syruping her fever, Roping her hair into necklaces, knuckled glass, chuckling, a phantom pain packing insanity and laughter and windows clear enough to look through.        Pause that […]

You Love Her

You still love her You love her as much as I love you. You loved her as much as no-one else did. You took your heart put it on a plate and served it as a starter to her. It delighted her tastes and she was ready for her next meal. I gave you my […]

The Melody of Life

I have searched for it The melody of life One which would make me tremble Only at the sound of it I’ve searched the world to find it I’ve heard strangers sing beautiful songs On side streets to make one’s day happier I’ve heard singers on stages give their whole To give others a voice, […]

Gaia’s Love

When I am broken she appears with darkness to envelop my soul, to fill it with warmth. And when my body rots, my soul strengthens. I have come home, in her hands, in her love.


“I want to speak to you, with you,” I whisper into the crease of my arm. Goosebumps raise in response An automatic response Why does my body respond to you?