Haunt This House

Memories talk to us behind mirrors,A wrinkle by the eye, floorboards creaking. Another breath, nostalgia.Two seconds move forward like a train track with no end, A train wreck with no fence to hold its home. We smile because we have to. Tongue touching teeth,Gum stuck like leavesThat wish they were trees. It only makes sense […]

The Heredity of Memory

She hasn’t known me for years; instead of throwing hugs she just casts spears, her careworn face now lined with meanness. It’s hard believing things mother once told me: ‘I’ll love you evermore.’ It started with the bears she saw supping in the gloaming. ‘Four of them, as real as day, with teacups of bone […]

A Perfect, Pale Blue*

My mother once told me that hearts open only when broken, And that truest courage is born from a coward’s battle cry. I did not recognise blood when my father’s lips ran like war, all Because my mother spoke in stuttering pinks and lullaby blues. Now these walls pray at night with their palms bent […]

I’ve grown from the past

I’ve grown from the past So every time I look into the glass I see myself, funny how when I need Help I’ve got none but myself. Love my girl to the point where I’d risk my health But it’s ok – I never stood a chance Dance with the devil and I never should’ve […]