She rips me to shreds when I can’t escape my bed, holds my hands and shouts “Get up!” Because I can’t miss “this”… And “this?” Something I will never know when she drops her grip on my hands, attaching instead to my lungs and heart. My ribcage feels like it could burst if I even […]

Bipolar Feelings

There is something brewing, deep down under all the pretending and “I’m alrights”. It submerges with and hides behind the manners and the social norms. Maybe everyone’s got it, some worse than others. So let me tell you about mine. It hibernates during winter and slowly creeps throughout summer. It haunts me even when it’s […]

Immortality makes it hard

Immortality makes it difficult to put together a proper funeral ensemble. My dead wife’s long-lived guests had the option of black casual or black formal this morning. Some went jumper, some went cocktail dress. This stew of styles mixes about on this ambrosia-hued, sunshiney cliff’s edge. A funeral’s stereotypical stormy weather, like deaths and funerals, […]


It’s like a tidal wave, My mind is going to cave, Turns to a hurricane, The echo clouds my brain… and it starts to rain Suppressing the problem is fickle My eyes began to trickle I pretend that I’m fine But the echo of “are you okay” brings me to end of the line Is […]