Spilt Milk

Tonight, as we lay in the silence of the hour, we are watched by The Mother – The Moon She sits still, unmoving, basking in the safety of the darkness, warm and snug between the stars, her reflection bouncing off the high points of your cheeks with each turn of your head. I do not […]

The Moonlight Steps

  Every night, I succumb to my sleepy day.  As I close my eyes, You appear, with your smug smile to simply say ‘hello’.   Charmed by your heart, I become desperate. And in fear, I grasp on to thin air, Unconsciously allowing gravity to catch my fall.   I knew that loving you would […]

Sun & Moon

I wanted to be his moon. His life in the darkness. His company in the lonely hour. And for awhile, I was. But then he met the sun and her radiant hall illuminated his life with colour. Bright and shining. Her warmth sought after more than my company. It was no surprise that he chose […]