Dear Mama

Upside down, you await my arrival 9 months deep after a fought out battle Yet here I am… Longing to be in the presence of your arms Longing to be surrounded by those waiting at the entrance Not long till you crown me King as I enter The bright red clothing stripped away as you […]

A Black Mother’s Love

A black mother’s love is sculpted by the fixed deck of cards she was dealt as a person of colour – misused and hardly understood Yet she kept fighting with knives in her back chains on her wrists poison down her throat. For her children, she hoped would never experience the trials and tribulations that […]

Gaia’s Love

When I am broken she appears with darkness to envelop my soul, to fill it with warmth. And when my body rots, my soul strengthens. I have come home, in her hands, in her love.

Owen Come Home

Sometimes in July, when the wind cries in the right direction, I hear a tremulous calliope sighing across the flats. As a child I would sit out there for hours listening and daydreaming; giving form to my mother’s words. It’s calling to them, Owen, calling to the ghosts of the past; telling them to come […]

The Heredity of Memory

She hasn’t known me for years; instead of throwing hugs she just casts spears, her careworn face now lined with meanness. It’s hard believing things mother once told me: ‘I’ll love you evermore.’ It started with the bears she saw supping in the gloaming. ‘Four of them, as real as day, with teacups of bone […]

A Perfect, Pale Blue*

My mother once told me that hearts open only when broken, And that truest courage is born from a coward’s battle cry. I did not recognise blood when my father’s lips ran like war, all Because my mother spoke in stuttering pinks and lullaby blues. Now these walls pray at night with their palms bent […]

We Must To Talk

(inspired by Lorna Goodison’s ‘The Woman Speaks to the Man Who Employs her Son’) Dear Sah, In case you did not know, I am the woman who gave birth to your employee Collin Davis and I think we need to talk… We need to talk about how proud I was as a single mother, before […]