The Game Continues

Grace Gu It was already midnight as the light of the day had ebbed and diminished to nothing. The darkness was almost absolute; only a smattering of luminous stars scattered the sky. Within this darkness, a man dressed all in black walked alone down the poorly lit street. The dim street light cast a shadow […]

The Ultimatum

That was the first time he saw him. Though frail, there was a powerful energy emanating from him. He didn’t know what it was, but Fritz was drawn to him, and through the blazing, amber eyes of this pathetic, worthless, Jewish man, he saw something more. Despite having seen and even spoken at this man […]

Behind the Door

I killed my family but it has taken me 12 years to realise this. The large wooden door at the end of the garden stood against the wall. Chipped-wood poked out from the door like hedgehog spikes. The blue paint seemed to have faded over the years. Don’t go behind the door they said, ignore […]

Why did you do?

Why? Why did you do that? Why did you try to leave? You knew this would break my heart I told you to take care of it. You knew this was a promise of yours I made you promise it. You knew I would be yours anyway I showed this to you. You knew I […]


It`s cold. The flames have greedily devoured the logs, their appetite satiated. I know they will die when there is nothing left to burn. This is how I feel. Burned out. Like my insides have been emptied and now, the shell that is me is sitting in a darkened room trying to make sense of […]