Witches End

The fishnet lead of the old attic window ensnared the scrub and pines of the forest beyond the front garden, lumpen with snow. But winter’s twilit chill didn’t reach Sam. In fact, winter never reached beyond the bushes, it seemed.  The gardenias were in bloom. Ten bushes that should be dead in this climate, glowed […]

Guns and Roses*

Guns and roses What’s the difference? One is adrenaline The other a dose Both perform the same function Topping giants and dwarfs alike Making them drink or write Be it a bullet from the metal Or a petal From the rose Each provides an end One being quick and easy The other long and wheezy

Owen Come Home

Sometimes in July, when the wind cries in the right direction, I hear a tremulous calliope sighing across the flats. As a child I would sit out there for hours listening and daydreaming; giving form to my mother’s words. It’s calling to them, Owen, calling to the ghosts of the past; telling them to come […]

Rest in Peace

Such serenity, such calmness In such a morbid place The nature coming to life In places where death is embraced Is a truly interesting irony To see death wrapped in such beauty Charming, mesmerizing Harmless beauty soaked with tears Land soaked with tears Of those creatures who pretend to live Being similar to the place […]