When the Shadows Turned to Wolves

Yicheng Teng The sun was still bright above the sky, and there was light piercing through the tall trees in the forest, but it was getting darker and darker. She was walking through the path in the forest, wearing an all red hood with a pointy, long hat behind her head. It cast a shadow […]

Behind the Door

I killed my family but it has taken me 12 years to realise this. The large wooden door at the end of the garden stood against the wall. Chipped-wood poked out from the door like hedgehog spikes. The blue paint seemed to have faded over the years. Don’t go behind the door they said, ignore […]

Spilt Milk

Tonight, as we lay in the silence of the hour, we are watched by The Mother – The Moon She sits still, unmoving, basking in the safety of the darkness, warm and snug between the stars, her reflection bouncing off the high points of your cheeks with each turn of your head. I do not […]