Fingers swirling like water to a sinkholeHalima touches the swell,Whirlpools darkening at her navel,She waitsAs her husbandTakes his fill,Syruping her fever,Roping her hair into necklaces, knuckled glass, chuckling, a phantompain packing insanity and laughter and windows clear enough to look through.Pause that knock.Ask if this is okay. If this is true.If blood is red.If fire […]

Crime Scene

You are slowly killing me from the inside out….   Regurgitating all the lies laced with poison that you fed me disguised as honey-eyed hope. Exfoliating my skin that has now become a crime scene from the fingerprints that you recklessly left. Resuscitating the heart that you violently stabbed multiple times that mislaid unfixable voids. […]

Bipolar Feelings

There is something brewing, deep down under all the pretending and “I’m alrights”. It submerges with and hides behind the manners and the social norms. Maybe everyone’s got it, some worse than others. So let me tell you about mine. It hibernates during winter and slowly creeps throughout summer. It haunts me even when it’s […]


My eyes look so blue in this mirror, oceanic almost, and I wonder if it’s through these tides that his lunar gravity rules over me, or if it’s from the saltwater that makes rivers down my ripped up rain face, flooding over, banks breaking onto my cheeks. The drought of his absence dries all the […]

Definition: Birthday

Birthday (noun): The day you were brought into a world you didn’t want to be a part of. A brutal reflection of who cares and who doesn’t. Fake love. And a reminder that you’re gone. Synonym: Suffering Pain Heartache Loneliness