I guess your beauty was a facade I saw what i wanted not what i needed Blinded by infatuation, led astray by lust I’m ashamed i was so conceited Guilt consumes each bone in my body For i have to take responsibility for the pain caused Every tear shed, how could i do such a […]

Someone Might See Us*

Oh stormy nightWhat shall you bringOnly time will tellWhat the queen has said to her kingDid they have a fightAnd if soWho got the winBut seriously That’s enough for nowYou need to leaveSomeone might see us You might be my mistress But the day is my lawful wife

Choosers of the Slain

We fight! We live! We obey! We die! Dressed to the nines in armour, we breath as our swords gleam with victory. For we have made history as we fought for Asgard’s liberty. We embraced the cold winds as we rode our wing’d beasts to battle, For death is life and should be honoured, as […]

The Girl in the Glass Box

Trapped in an invisible cage, I am not a mime for you to watch. I am only free and happy when it suits you when my mouth is sealed together making it the perfect pair of lips to kiss. I paint a smile on my face every morning before you wake up because I know […]


“I want to speak to you, with you,” I whisper into the crease of my arm. Goosebumps raise in response An automatic response Why does my body respond to you?

Comfort from a Stranger*

You wrap your arms around my trembling body, My breathing begins to sync with yours. You hold me for some time, And I cannot speak to tell you how grateful I am. So I hold onto you like I’m gripping onto life, and my breathing feels warm, It has stopped attacking me. I let you […]


Your lighthouse has been switched off, But not by you, By a stranger, One who once swore to take care of your lighthouse, So you gave him the key, You let him in, You let him stay, But he cluttered the place, He filled it with all things him, He became distracted, And careless, So […]

You Will Always Fall Again*

I would like to tear all the skin off my body and start again Rip away all my cells Throw it all away Pull my hairs out For being so foolish And be re born But there’s a simpler option I could gargle three times, wash my face, wash my arms, wipe water across my […]


Follow me like an avalanche follows a scream, and I will show you how an echo can shake mountains free.