When Winter Gets Within

A winter blanket Snowfall begins With warmth leaving The morning sun rises And what remains, melts away. Slow, repetitive and monotonous the days go by the passion lingers further away and out of existence. What vulgar existence am I leading in this winter of life? A ray of light suddenly dyes the sky red as […]


You might ask me what peace looks like. Peace looks like the scent of empty noise; is the colour of midnight’s rainbow; sounds like time that is neither ante or post meridiem; is seasoned without utterance yet dances on the pulse of my thoughts lapping on the waves of the morning’s edge. Peace moves me […]

City of God

Before Roz knew it, she was in the land of Caipirinha’s carnival, mystery and the sultry golden rays of the sun. She had always wanted to see the Christo statue over the city of Rio. Somehow in a very distant corner of her mind, she believed that she had been here before, and she laughed […]

Excerpts from a Book*

A friend mentioned ‘Can you believe Ramadan is in 3 months?’ Your heart sinks to the bottom of the sea remembering what you’ve been doing for the past 3 months. You are a woman of God, undeniably, the way you care for others. But you remember the guilt from last Ramadan when you were standing […]