The Melody of Life

I have searched for it The melody of life One which would make me tremble Only at the sound of it I’ve searched the world to find it I’ve heard strangers sing beautiful songs On side streets to make one’s day happier I’ve heard singers on stages give their whole To give others a voice, […]

The Key

Hurting became breathing, the toxic lies led me believing, played with my trust in exchange for temporary lust, every touch, every kiss marked a bruise and I became indistinguishable behind all the abuse.   Enough is enough – say no to the pain,  what is the point if it’s all loss and no gain? Overcome […]


Among all these ugly things that trap me I believe that there is you When I’m sleepy and my head hurts I believe that there is you When I’m drunk on cheap wine And the only one in the room My dear darling I can feel That somewhere out there, Waiting just for me There […]

The day I realised you loved me

I know that you have been sad That you miss me And being there without me is hard I’m sorry I don’t come to visit more It’s just about finding time But when I came to surprise you The look on your face spoke a thousand words The way you looked atop the staircase The […]