The Game Continues

Grace Gu It was already midnight as the light of the day had ebbed and diminished to nothing. The darkness was almost absolute; only a smattering of luminous stars scattered the sky. Within this darkness, a man dressed all in black walked alone down the poorly lit street. The dim street light cast a shadow […]

Why I Did It*

Oh God, I feel so alive! I’ve had these thoughts circling my head for the longest time, but I never thought today would be the day I would go through with them and gain justice. I guess I simply couldn’t handle it anymore. I just couldn’t handle knowing what they did to the people I […]


It`s cold. The flames have greedily devoured the logs, their appetite satiated. I know they will die when there is nothing left to burn. This is how I feel. Burned out. Like my insides have been emptied and now, the shell that is me is sitting in a darkened room trying to make sense of […]

The Renegades

“Have you got the package?” With a curt nod, I glance over my shoulders and slip a brown package out of the inside pocket of my jacket, taking care not to rip the cheap, paper wrapping. The faint sound of car horns and traffic come from the entrance to the dingy alleyway but my focus […]