A Black Mother’s Love

A black mother’s love is sculpted by the fixed deck of cards she was dealt as a person of colour – misused and hardly understood Yet she kept fighting with knives in her back chains on her wrists poison down her throat. For her children, she hoped would never experience the trials and tribulations that […]

Unloved Heart*

A man died. His family decided to donate his heart to someone in need. To a happy little boy, with joy and life. When the surgery was over, the boy opened his eyes and his parents surprisingly saw emptiness in them. They thought it was from the sleep and let it pass. Years passed and […]

Sun & Moon

I wanted to be his moon. His life in the darkness. His company in the lonely hour. And for awhile, I was. But then he met the sun and her radiant hall illuminated his life with colour. Bright and shining. Her warmth sought after more than my company. It was no surprise that he chose […]


Why is that every time I swing that cheap bottle down my torn lips I’m reminded of how we tumbled down into the molten failure of love and how you got up with my dripping heart morphed into your fist and left me there to rot with nothing but an empty bloodstream?