The Key

Hurting became breathing, the toxic lies led me believing, played with my trust in exchange for temporary lust, every touch, every kiss marked a bruise and I became indistinguishable behind all the abuse.   Enough is enough – say no to the pain,  what is the point if it’s all loss and no gain? Overcome […]


My eyes look so blue in this mirror, oceanic almost, and I wonder if it’s through these tides that his lunar gravity rules over me, or if it’s from the saltwater that makes rivers down my ripped up rain face, flooding over, banks breaking onto my cheeks. The drought of his absence dries all the […]

An apology to myself

Hi, ‘insert name here’, I know that you and I have been through a lot together And I know I haven’t always been there for you And for that I am sorry. I’m sorry that you wake up in pain. I’m sorry that you wake up thinking you are useless. I’m sorry you think you […]