Forgotten War

Dearest Wife, I know there were thousands of questions that stormed your mind when I first showed my face, and that I failed to answer them.  At first I consoled myself that it was for your own safety and well-being. But please understand that we all had our secrets to keep from the world on […]

One Last Time

Andy Zhang A teenage girl rests alone in her Virginia dormitory, protected from the bullets of snow outside. Her skin, dirtied brown with constant slander, sinks heavily in bed against white linen, an innocently final resting place. Four beige walls enclose her. It’s a coffin plastered with the dead American iconography she once so fervently […]


To run with white horses, white horses, white horses. Oh, how I long to ride them with you. Because the cleats of life have left boot mark scars on my skin, and cast my torn petals to the swine of chagrin. But I still believe after all, I still believe I’ll be dressed and refreshed, […]


I’m left in pieces Left with a massive hole inside That used to be filled with hope, love and ambition. I guess all that is left now is emptiness Emptiness that engulfs my soul That immerses any sign of light in my eyes. The wall that I have built so far is being Attacked from […]