Sun & Moon

I wanted to be his moon. His life in the darkness. His company in the lonely hour. And for awhile, I was. But then he met the sun and her radiant hall illuminated his life with colour. Bright and shining. Her warmth sought after more than my company. It was no surprise that he chose […]


I could taste metal on your hands when you were trying to find a home in my skin. “How’s your wife?” “Still alive,” you said, and to me, it sounded quite like love. “Did you touch her like this?” “Stop talking,” you said, and to me, it felt quite like love. “Would you marry her […]


It`s cold. The flames have greedily devoured the logs, their appetite satiated. I know they will die when there is nothing left to burn. This is how I feel. Burned out. Like my insides have been emptied and now, the shell that is me is sitting in a darkened room trying to make sense of […]