Family Secrets

On a Wednesday and a Friday every week, they would visit their grandmother’s beautiful home in the suburbs – big enough for a family, but she was all alone. As they approached on the winding path to the grand front door, she watched them with an inscrutable expression, hunched in a corner rocking chair that […]


“I’ll be the daddy; you be the mummy,” his words slurred through his slippery lips. “Ok, but we’re in your daddy’s shop – should we play shop? I know; I come to shop to buy food to cook,” I said moving around urgently. I don’t have long, because Rupert is sleeping, and he don’t know […]

I’ve grown from the past

I’ve grown from the past So every time I look into the glass I see myself, funny how when I need Help I’ve got none but myself. Love my girl to the point where I’d risk my health But it’s ok – I never stood a chance Dance with the devil and I never should’ve […]