Letters between lovers

Dear Wind, You whisper words on cold winter mornings that elevate my spirit, as you take me on long breathtaking journeys across vast open land. Oh how I love when you carry me after I’ve fallen from my beloved tree. You bring me closer to my brothers and sisters as we spin just like when […]

The Fall

I fell for the boy whose small, kind eyes were the warmest shade of chocolate- that seemed to have flecks of an earthy green in some lights, but managed to engulf me in its captivating gaze nonetheless. Whose smile was not dazzling or perfect, but had the ability to cause my heart to flutter when […]


The choice to move on Or the choice to continue loving you You’ve left me in a dilemma To choose a life without you, without Your deep chestnut coloured eyes (When I look into them l lose myself entirely) Or to choose a life full of heartbreak And pain, knowing that you love her And […]