A War on the Outside and a War Within

An American Soldier’s Story of Vietnam 9,087,000 American soldiers fought in the Vietnam War (1955-1975), with a striking 25% of these total forces “in country” being draftees. In other words, men who did not ask to fight. 58,000 of those American soldiers died during this war compared to what we believe to be 2 million […]

Stop the War in Vietnam

I feel as though I have woken up running; I feel as though I was born running. But I don’t want to do it anymore; I want to stop, to turn around and to fight! *** My father used to say, “Yen, your name means peace, so you must bring peace wherever you go. You […]


‘This war is like a cold glaucoma dimming away the world; old sins cast very long shadows.’ Tony glared at the floor as he spoke; a cold sensation took over him. It diffused like a forsaken disease. It possessed him. It made him into something he did not have power over. His eyes finally moved […]