Wounded Le Fay

A fairy was I till my island went a flame. Who was I but my sinful half brother to blame. Pride engulfed in his golden crown As I grieve flushed in ember with my mourning gown. I leak from the orbs that see only death. Once I healed , I rejoiced, I loved. Vines , […]

Gaia’s Love

When I am broken she appears with darkness to envelop my soul, to fill it with warmth. And when my body rots, my soul strengthens. I have come home, in her hands, in her love.

Valiant Heroes

A ray of light dyes the sky red War has come When war breaks free All of Midgard quakes The seas of Hades turn, Welcoming their new arrivals, But I shall not falter. When war breaks free I am there On the battlefield Brave men and women Fight valiantly, with valour and vigour. O, brave […]

The Immortal Sun

Everlasting darkness envelopes but she is immortal. Behind the darkness she throws flames of love and nurture that burn bright. When darkness falters she shines. The sun rises as a canopy of golden light breaks through. Darkness surrenders because the goddess of the sun shines bright when dawn comes.

Warrior Woman

She stood before her country’s enemies Showing no mercy on her face Hiding under a man’s appearance As all thought she would bring just disgrace She was told to wait quietly To be one of the other housewives Because it’s a man’s responsibility To protect the weaker lives Trained hard with men to be strong […]