He is at my Window

He comes to me from the nighttime coldon my ivy snow doorstep and me at my windowComes in big boots and coatsComes in with haircut gossip and grey rumoursMy wrinkle body is old and slow and silent listeningHe is a lonesome traveller blowing from north to east outsideHe is the fearless knight to save prostitute […]

The Thumping Sound

I can’t remember when it started, but I know that it wasn’t always there. At first, I thought it was the neighbours with their loud music, but every time I placed my ear against the walls, I could only hear their soft voices. No thumping. No music. I began to wonder if the sounds were […]

The Window

I have a small night light by my bed, but it fails to reach the darkest corners of my room, where the monsters stand and watch. I try to ignore the feeling of something watching me, but it never works, the feeling never goes away. Mum always closes my curtains before tucking me in for […]