We have been so privileged to work with an incredibly talented and brave cohort of young people over the years, and to have had the support from our school and colleagues to shape and develop this project to reflect the efforts and imagination of our community.

Here are some testimonials from students and partners who have worked directly with and for the project.

What some of our students have said about the project:

Photograph by Hootan

I have been a spectator to one amazing woman who has raised her child, Haringey Unchained, from scratch to a point of recognised success in a darkening world that is beginning to shun any light of the creative arts. Miss Angela has not only funded the project out of her own pocket, time and time again, but has taken her devout nature to the show and magazine to new heights by travelling continents to be here in London and support us through the volume 4 of this beautiful magazine.

I may have only known miss Angela for a short amount of time as leader and even shorter unfortunately as a teacher, but through the small niches in time I have collected and been in her presence I have been motivated to see the sheer benevolence and relationship she has not only formed with the magazine, but with every individual member of the editorial team, on top of having her own personal struggles.

Also, for the one year I have been present, I have come to realise that Haringey Unchained should no longer be referred to as an enrichment or “club” . I have now seen with two clear eyes how this project has matured into its own organisation with links to universities and other secondary to enrich not only a select few students, but open it to the whole population through a singular vessel that is accessible to all which is the magazine. I love this project.

Hootan, Co-Editor for the 2020 edition of the magazine
Artwork by Kyra

“Haringey Unchained has helped me to become more confident with my style of drawing, as well as being a great inspiration for the work I have done.

I will always love Haringey Unchained – it has done quite a lot for me, particularly at a time when I felt quite low and I wasn’t enjoying 2015. This project helped me through some very difficult times. “

Chloe, published artist and Haringey Unchained ambassador
Artwork by Vlado

Haringey Unchained for me was my place of refuge. It was one of the few times when I could express my feelings and actually be listened. It was also like a life coaching programme, where we could make art out of life experiences and work through some difficult feelings.

The creativity I developed through Haringey Unchained helped me to be more open and more confident in expressing myself. Thinking creatively actually became a part of the way I view and experience the world. Haringey Unchained gave me the opportunity to be heard. It helped me to improve my confidence. The weekly sessions enabled me to be more sociable, making new friends, as I had only recently been living in Britain a year when I became a part of the group. It was a very good experience that definitely shaped me as a person.”

Edith, former member of the Editorial Department, went on to study Criminology at Durham University

Haringey Unchained allows creative students with no outlets and/or art classes to express themselves through stories, poems, pictures and more.  The enrichment enables us to have a voice and chance to express/say our thoughts and feelings.  Haringey Unchained means so much to me, because the people in it support one another and encourage one another to be the best they can be.

I would recommend Haringey Unchained because of how much positivity it brings to the people who submit their work. The publication offers people the chance to see their work printed in a magazine and/or online. Seeing what others have written or produced for the project has made me want to create even more. It has helped give me the courage to create my own blog.”

Heather, current member of Haringey Unchained and 2nd year Media Studies student
Artwork by Samiha

“To me, Haringey Unchained was a sisterhood where creative growth bloomed with support and encouragement from other members and staff. It gave many of us a chance to explore our voice and express ourselves, whilst also tackling difficult topics such as mental health. For me, Haringey Unchained provided an outlet through which I was able find creative elements of myself that I seemed to have lost whilst tackling school throughout the years.

What I particularly like about Haringey Unchained is all the opportunities it provides for students. Not only does it offer chances to create something, but it also gives way to professional opportunities– such as interning at a publishing house and meeting so many different people from the arts sector, including writers and actors and more!

I would recommend Haringey Unchained because it had such an influential and positive role during my time at college, and taught me many things about myself and others. It also gave me insight into the creative arts, truly showing me the importance of it in my life.” 

Samiha, previous member of the Editorial Department, went on to study Psychology and Counselling at University
Artwork by Andreea

Haringey Unchained means everything to me. From the first session I fell in love with the project – how the sessions ran, how much work everyone put into their pieces, how much the members supported one another and were always aware of how new members might feel.

Haringey Unchained offered so much good energy and love not only for the editorial team and its writers, but to the magazine’s audience as well. The project has always welcomed every kind of artist there is, and given people, especially the younger generations, a platform where their voices truly matter and are indeed heard by those willing to listen.

I will continue being a part of Haringey Unchained as much as I can as it will always have a special part in my heart. The enrichment has helped me get through some rough times and I have learned so many things that I am still applying to my writing today.

Andreea, previous member of the Editorial Department, went on to study Mathematics at Leicester University
Artwork by Zubeyde

“To me, Haringey Unchained has always been a place where I could express my art and feel encouraged and supported by the other members of the group. Not only does Haringey Unchained provide a platform for art but also a community. In fact, one of my favourite things about the enrichment was the community I found myself in.

Haringey Unchained has been a project that has helped many of us to convey, find and own our voices. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be heard, and to anyone who wants to express their art freely with no boundaries.

Zubeyde, went on to study Psychology at university