Donors and Funders

Haringey Unchained thanks everyone who has supported the project. This has been through monetary contributions, time, submissions, spreading the word, welcoming us into your offices and enabling us to see cultural and arts events at heavily discounted prices.

Without your help, we could not have grown our little blog into a work-experience programme dedicated to the creative arts. In our project, students are involved in magazine production, end of year showcase magazine launches and creative festivals and trips, events and internships.

To this end, it would be difficult to thank each person individually. You know who you are! We would like to try acknowledge those people and organisations whose support has helped to extend the outreach of the project, inviting our students to engage in their careers and taking the time to read and consider the students’ own writing.


Each year we’ve been able to develop the quality of our publication through the generous donations from the following organisations:

Work Experience:

We’d like to thank all of the incredible guest speakers, audience members, and organisations that have invited our students to participate and work at a series of events over the last several years. Here are some of the highlights:

Gofundme Campaigns

We’d like to thank all of the individuals who have donated to our magazine launches and art shows through our Gofundme Campaigns.

  • Joseph Lundie
  • Dave West
  • Matt Ranger
  • Mayuri Rajani
  • Patrick and Janet Coldstream
  • Nigel Pantling
  • Michael Read
  • Stuart Pinchbeck
  • Rick and Nancy Smith
  • Karen and Tom Brewer
  • Billy Landsdell
  • Vicky Wiley
  • Leo Kay