University Partnerships

Haringey Unchained creative blog and magazine has been working with a range of excellent universities to compile collections of artistic expression over the last four years.

This year, Middlesex University has contributed immensely to the work on the blog and magazine. Students of the English programme have visited our college twice to editorialise the submissions and construct the concept for Volume 3 of Haringey Unchained.

Our partnership university submissions are denoted by a * on the main Haringey Unchained page.

We hope you enjoy our collaborations!


Here are some of our past partnerships:

In 2017, we were lucky to have alumni student Khadija return from and represent her Creative Writing course at The University of Warwick. We worked through an incredible amount of submissions from both Haringey Sixth Form College and the university.

In 2016, the members of Haringey Unchained worked with students visiting and studying in London from Pepperdine University in Malibu. This was our first partnership, which paved the way for future partnerships and rich submissions.