University Partnerships

The Haringey Unchained creative blog and magazine has been working with a range of excellent universities to compile collections of artistic expression over the last several years.

This element of the Haringey Unchained enrichment project began in 2016 when Dr Julianne Smith and her English students hosted our group at the Pepperdine University house in South Kensington. Since then, we have been witness to the incredible impact of our community working directly with students in higher education. This is now a part of the project that we hope to continue developing in line with the magazine and blog itself.

Submissions from our partnership universities are denoted by a * on the main Haringey Unchained blog.

Our 2020 Partner

We are delighted to be working directly with Goldsmith’s University this year, a partnership that will involve our very own alumni member: Amina! Amina graduated from Haringey Sixth Form College a couple years back, and was a value member of the editorial team. This year, she returns as our Lead Editor from our university partner editorial team.

Previous Partnerships:

Haringey Unchained first started working with university partners in 2016 with Dr Julianne Smith and several English Majors visiting London for an academic year from Pepperdine University, California. Both schools opened their doors to the other and through those meetings, the students produced our first ever edition of the magazine.

During our editorial meetings, we discussed an incredible range of art and literature written by both of our communities, and the interaction between the two groups was fruitful, productive, and just a lot of fun. It was clear that expanding the project to integrate the voices of international and local universities would continue to enhance the work done by Haringey Unchained. And that is exactly what we did. We have been privileged to work alongside the following academic institutions.

Pepperdine University, Exhibition Road

In 2017, we were so lucky to work with Khadija again! A founding member of Haringey Unchained, Khadija went on to study Creative Writing at The University of Warwick. During her first year there, she singlehandedly secured an incredible amount of submissions from her peers, and travelled from Warwick to London to work with our students in London several times. She is an asset to Haringey Unchained, and through her dedication and passion for the project, she helped us to develop the magazine further, increasing the page count by 12 pages.

Our students were also invited to attend the University of Warwick booklaunch for their creative writing programme’s end of year collection. We were thrilled to spend the evening at the Piccadilly Circus Waterstone’s, meeting academics and creative writing students from the undergrad and grad programmes. Our editorial team bravely worked the crowd with copies of the magazine in tow, distributing them to over 50 people.

In 2018, we partnered with Middlesex University, and an incredible amount of work experience opportunities resulted. Our students participated in the Middlesex University annual literary festival, sharing the work of Haringey Unchained with university students and guest speakers. The students were also invited back to attend open days in order to view the offers at Middlesex for their futures beyond Haringey Sixth Form College.

Thank you to the incredibly dedicated editorial team at Middlesex University, led by Dr Anna Charalambidou. This particular year was truly driven by the collaboration with the university, which integrated the Haringey Unchained project into the English department programme. For the magazine, students of the English programme visited our college twice to editorialise the submissions and construct the concept for Volume 3. We also went to Middlesex to have an editorial meeting, as shown in the images below.

“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Haringey Unchained and WeMove show – well-paced, varied and really good text and dance performances. It really showcased the huge amount of work that you and your colleagues are doing with your students, and so many other partners. I am sure that takes a lot of dedication, hard work and creative thinking.”

Dr Anna Charalambidou, Programme Leader for BA English and Senior Lecturer in English Language, at the Media Department of Middlesex University

Last year, our creative enrichment grew in leaps and bounds with the incredible dedication of Lina, a final year student at SOAS, University of London. Lina was a founding member of Haringey Unchained, who has participated in the project every year since it first started, in whatever capacity she could.

With her as the Editorial Lead, Lina delivered a programme of sessions with her SOAS peers and our HU editorial team. Students came to the college, and we were welcomed to SOAS for a tour and talk.

The support from Lina and her editorial team enabled us to not only publish our BEST edition of the magazine yet, but to deliver a bespoke creative writing workshop with year 8 students from Duke’s Aldridge Academy.

Our dance enrichment, WeMove, came along and hosted a separate dance workshop with Gladesmore Community School students, engaging with the content of the magazine. This work would go on to be showcased during the end of year magazine launch at Haringey Sixth Form College. It was an incredible day of creativity!

One of our many meetings at SOAS

Duke’s Aldridge Creative Writing Workshop with Haringey Sixth Form College, SOAS University of London and The Poetry School (London)