Magazine Launches in Collaboration with WeMove

With the help of Andrea Marie, who was working for the Topolski Studio in London, we were able to print our first edition of the magazine in 2015. It was a broadsheet style 4-page newspaper-type collection of illustrations and text, the outcome of her workshop from within Topolski’s Studio with our first ever editorial department. With a physically printed product, we decided we must have a launch show.

Since then, one of the most exciting elements in the Haringey Unchained enrichment programme is the yearly showcase event organised and performed almost entirely by students (with some help from their teachers).

With the support and leadership of Camilla Stanger, H6FC’s dance enrichment: WeMove Dance Leadership found inspiration through each of the published pieces, devising, coordinating, recording, rehearsing and performing dramatic dance pieces that brought the writer’s work to life on the stage.

The response that first year was so positive that Camilla and I decided to continue to integrate our programmes into a cabaret style celebration show every year. Each year, the showcase has grown and grown, from a little magazine launch to fully organised festivals and creative arts exhibitions with our students, feeder school students, professionals from London and Europe as participants.

We have been able to host literary workshops and invite professionals from Britain and Europe to come and share in the creative spirit of our college. The outcomes have been incredible. Whilst there is nothing quite like being at the actual shows and workshops, amongst the energy and courage of our incredible students and the adults who have shared their passions with them, we hope that the following pages will at least indicate the spirit of these events.

“One of the most exciting parts of the year for our dance students and teachers is our end of year showcase – I think any dance school will tell you the same! So we count ourselves especially lucky that each year we can team up with Haringey Unchained’s magazine launch to create something so much more than a showcase. Our amazing dance students – young artists in their own right – have the opportunity to perform their work alongside the poetic creations of Haringey Unchained, and also to create work inspired by the stunning poetry and art work in the magazine – all alongside opportunities to hear from and speak with professionals in the arts.  This combined event also means that a variety of people can come together – from the fields of dance, literature, art and spoken word, and importantly, from the local community – to celebrate the artistry of young people, the power of youth voice in Tottenham, and the importance of the arts in education.”

Camilla Stanger, English Teacher, PhD and Co-Director of WeMove Dance Enrichment

Click onto each individual image below to see some highlights from the shows.

2016 European Literature Festival with WeMove
2018 Creative Arts Events with WeMove and H6FC Art and Media Departments
2017 Creative Arts Festival with WeMove
2019 Showcase with WeMove