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Haringey Unchained has been featured in local newspapers, pamphlets, blogs and magazines over the years. We’d like to thank those publications that have covered our work, published our poets, and given us full advertising space at heavily discounted prices.

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Nick Hayes, Review of The Word for Woman is Wilderness

What Nick said – “I wrote a review about a book called the Word for Women is Wilderness – it’s a cracking book, and your amazing students get a reference in it at the end – for being inspirational young females.” 

Extract from the review:

The Word for Woman is Wilderness is a glimpse into the crystal ball of the present. In a world governed by the outraged scream of the dying dinosaurs, patriarchs and nationalists who really are lurching on a tired, wobbly old scaffold, there is a generation of young people beneath them who are simultaneously most vulnerable to their flailing limbs, but who are also already fluent in this new world language. On a personal level, anecdotally, I sense their power when I ‘teach’ the young women writers of Haringey sixth form college in North London, prickling with optimism at their self-assuredness, the sage ease with which they negotiate gender, sexuality, capitalism and the patriarchy. Statistically, in good ol’ science, it is there for all to see in the Brexit vote: in the two thirds of youth voters who turned out to have their say, and the eighty percent of young female voters who voted to remain. They use language and tools that the older generations, myself included, do not understand, and so have largely been dismissed as frivolous, another sector of society marginalised for their alternativity. But for how much longer?