Because of what she thought was love…

He hits her, pulls her hair and screams abuse. But his mother can’t guess what her son is like when he tells her he loves her in the morning.

He’s the reason, the reason that she believes no one will love her, the reason that she looks in the morning and see nothing but hate and anger. Because this isn’t a product of love.

He embarrasses her in front of all his friends. Questions what she’s wearing and why she looks like such a slut. So now she has lost her voice and her identity… but that isn’t enough. He needs to leave a mark, something she will remember forever.

So when the screaming and yelling is done, he strikes her with a metal fist, filled with hate, anger, envy and jealousy. Because this isn’t love.

So now she sits permanently damaged, emotionally beaten and betrayed, because her heart wanted to believe in something that wasn’t real.

Because of what she thought was love.

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