The Jester

The Jester dances

in fine clothes; he prances

performing without desire


King and Queen gaze on

unamused by the Jester’s song.

He is a ghost to all.


The royal court laugh and clap

while the Jester feels trapped

amongst a large crowd he stands


Pulling funny faces

people’s mocking

he embraces

a never ending cycle.


To the left to the right

to the air he takes flight

his limbs ache with each stretch.


At night he prays

for the delays of the endless days;

he sleeps with a candle light


Make them laugh, Jester

hopefully things will get better;

not every day can be the same


A spectacle for people to see

free he cannot be

though he smiles with them


Performing without desire

he is no liar

Jester cannot take anymore


He is a ghost to all

speaking will be his downfall

no one shall hear a word


Amongst a crowd he stands

serving to their commands

weak and tired he shall never rest


A never ending cycle

he pins his dreams on the bible

he cannot stop, this is his job


His limbs ache with each stretch

as he lands near the edge

he must continue, to save the rest


He sleeps with candle light

and dreads each daylight

only he must carry this burden


The Jester dances

in fine clothes he prances

performing without desire…

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