The Fall

I fell for the boy whose small, kind eyes were the warmest shade of chocolate- that seemed to have flecks of an earthy green in some lights, but managed to engulf me in its captivating gaze nonetheless. Whose smile was not dazzling or perfect, but had the ability to cause my heart to flutter when appearing on his pensive, but youthful face. The boy with a deep voice that carried a slow melodious tune that managed to not only soothe my ears but also set my cheeks ablaze when those watchful eyes stared intently at me, and words fell from his pierced tongue. I fell for the boy whose large, seemingly clumsy hands carelessly weaved their way through his feather soft locks instinctively throughout the day- completely unaware of how I longed to replace his hands with my own. The boy who could envelop me in both a bone crushing embrace and a soft and gentle one, and still leave me with a warm feeling of comfort and safety. I fell for the way he bashfully ducks his head when embarrassed- a movement so innocent and sweet, an oxymoron to his bad-boy demeanour. And how my mind struggles to form coherent thoughts when his fingers delicately trace the curves of my face- his tentative touch resulting in my breath getting caught and my tongue knotting itself. I fell for the boy who had a heart of gold-that had been battered and bruised by life- but still glowed like the end of his cigarette.


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